*2004-03-18 -> The barcode size on receptacle labels are now longer to ease scanning.
*2004-03-12 -> Print a customer notification document when recording receipient details or in the results of an item enquiry.
*2004-02-18 -> The interface is now available in Russian, courtesy of Kazakhstan Post.
*2004-02-18 -> The relevant CN/CP forms and labels have been updated to conform to RE 802/818/1311 (Letter Post) & RE 601/803 (Parcel Post).
*2004-02-18 -> Print Delivery Notification Cards (DNCs) when sending mail items to the inbound delivery office.
*2003-10-14 -> Detailed control of the operations that can be perfomed when creating/closing
despatches, receptacles or inner bags.
*2003-10-02 -> New function; "Enquiry->Id Enquiry", which allows a quick search if the id
of the postal item is known (item, receptacle, despatch or consignment).
*2003-09-26 -> It is possible to receive new items in the "Create and Close Despatches function",
note: Letter & Parcel items will be marked ordinary.
*2003-07-23 -> The Local Administrator can now additionally perform inquiry and report operations.
*2003-07-11 -> Generating outbound and inbound volumes reports at receptacle and despatch level.
*2003-06-28 -> Despatch and Consignment handling added.
*2003-06-28 -> The screens, internal documents and help online are now available in Spanish.
*2003-05-08 -> Added capability to perform an item level search by sender or recipient name
*2003-04-10 -> The screens and internal documents are now available in French.
*2003-03-24 -> Creation of this announcements screen.